Tulip with Attitude

My little AAUW photo group was discussing gesture in photography- a term used by Jay Maisel all the time to describe what he waits for when choosing a subject for his photograph.  I can’t say that I fully understand the concept- but I usually know it when I see an obvious example.  It seems to be a quality that makes the subject unique and isn’t only limited to living subjects. Even Scott Kelby was having difficulty understanding the meaning when interviewing Maisel.

To my eye, this tulip exemplifies gesture; in fact, it seems to have a definite attitude!


2 thoughts on “Tulip with Attitude

  1. Yes! You got it. I’m chuckling as I think of all the “youngsters” (who WILL be senior citizens in their own time), who have piercings and face tattoos, and I am always mildly shocked and then think, “It’s just youthful attitude.” And they are actually daring us to “get over it,” (find acceptance). Yes, your tulip has attitude… a mohawk 🙂 , and quite a bit of “look at me now.” Oh dear, now I remember a school official noting on my records for IQ testing that I seemed to have an “attitude,” with pale lipstick, eye shadow and a blonde streak in my bangs. (how very daring, eh?). But on another note, Melinda, I LOVE that you are sharing your artistic journey with us. I’m learning from the new ideas you are bringing forth, and it’s enriching on an emotional and spiritual level to see your images. “Thank you” hardly expresses…

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